CROUS home insurance from €2.71/month

Although CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) accommodation is attractive because it is cheap, the students who occupy it must nevertheless be insured. Why do they have to take out CROUS home insurance? Because without insurance, a person responsible for damage to third parties must bear the financial consequences alone. So, what are the useful guarantees to include in your housing contract?

Why take out CROUS home insurance from €2.71/month?

A home insurance policy allows the tenant to be covered if he causes damage to third parties (owner, neighbours, etc.) or in the event of a disaster in his home (fire, water damage, theft, etc.).

A student renting CROUS accommodation is obliged to take out insurance.

CROUS home insurance is also a means of preventing certain risks inherent in the accommodation and personal effects of the insured person within their student accommodation, such as theft or vandalism.

In the absence of insurance, the person responsible for the damage must bear the full financial consequences of the damage he or she has caused to others.

Please note that in certain situations the coverage of a claim will not work, especially in case of negligence of the insured or if he/she intentionally causes damage.

When it comes to student home insurance, you should pay close attention to the scope of coverage: depending on the insurance company and the package, some damage is not systematically covered, even with CROUS multi-risk home insurance.

Civil liability cover, which covers risks in the event of damage caused by the insured, is a perfect illustration of the different degrees of protection offered by home insurance: some formulas only cover rental risks vis-à-vis the owner of the dwelling or the building (damage caused by fire, explosion or water damage). Conversely, certain damage to the dwelling or building is not covered (e.g. theft of computer equipment, glass breakage, vandalism, etc.).

This is why you need to be vigilant and check all the guarantees included in student housing contracts.

Many CROUS home insurance policies have extremely low prices, as they cover a limited number of guarantees in case of damage. In contrast, other insurance companies offer comprehensive home insurance policies with full coverage, even if a student chooses a basic policy.

What are the useful guarantees to include in a contract?

In addition to the rental risk guarantee – insurance obligation! This guarantee is the minimum possible and must be automatically included in your contract, whatever it may be: 

Comprehensive Civil Liability

In addition to rental risk insurance (or rental liability), it is strongly recommended that you take out student insurance with personal liability insurance and recourse insurance for neighbours and third parties.

A CROUS home insurance policy with personal liability covers you against property damage and bodily injury that you or your family members cause to third parties in the course of your private life. It covers you at school if you are doing an internship or a summer job. 

The so-called “Recours de voisins et de tiers” (Neighbours’ and third parties’ recourse) guarantee covers you against damage caused to neighbours or third parties and originating in your student accommodation (e.g. a fire). This guarantee, if included in a CROUS home insurance policy, also covers persons for whom you are responsible and things belonging to you or in your custody. 

In addition to all these guarantees, your contract must include 24/7 assistance, which works when you are at home, away or abroad. This guarantee allows you, for example, to call on emergency service providers (locksmith, plumber, etc.) with rates approved by their insurance company to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Finally, damage. In addition to the risks of fire, water damage and explosion (with regard to your landlord, but also to third parties), here are several guarantees that are not compulsory, but which are useful to include in a CROUS home insurance policy:

– Ice breakage
– Travelling Stay
– Natural disasters 
– Climatic events (storms, hail, snow, etc.)
– Defence costs

(the following guarantees are included in the Etudassur “XXL” formula)

– Electrical damage
– Theft/vandalism
– Insect control for bed bugs
– Loss of keys to the dwelling
– Bike theft 
– Strike (preventing you from taking your exams)

Characteristics of CROUS accommodation

There are different types of CROUS accommodation:

– Furnished student room of 9 m2 in a university residence. This room may have a built-in toilet. The kitchen and toilets are shared.
– You can also take out CROUS home insurance for a cabin room (between 9 and 14 m2) in a hall of residence, which includes a shower, washbasin, toilet, fridge and microwave, with only the kitchen being shared. 
– Single room in a shared university flat with a communal kitchen. 
– Studio in a university residence (between 15 and 25 m2).
– Furnished studio apartments, from T1 to T3, in HLM residences approved by the CROUS.


In addition to the rental risk guarantee, it is advisable to take out at least several guarantees. Firstly, civil liability for private life and recourse against neighbours or third parties. 

In a CROUS home insurance policy, glass breakage and theft or vandalism cover is also highly recommended. 

In the (often) optional guarantees, it is recommended to take out assistance cover and to insure certain valuable goods (such as computer equipment). 

The price of student insurance depends on several criteria (size of the accommodation, age of the building, city and level of security). However, Etudassur does not take these criteria into account in order to ensure fairness of insurance for all.

You must be under 28 years of age when you first apply for accommodation and still be studying if this age is reached when you take out your CROUS home insurance. 

This age limit may also be extended in certain situations.

There is no age requirement for disabled students.  

Etudassur offers 3 multi-risk home insurance policies: the CROUS policy at €2.50 per month, which includes the minimum coverage required, the “Essential” policy (€4.15 per month) and the “XXL” policy (€5.30 per month). 

It is best to choose an insurer specialising in home insurance for students and 100% online, such as Etudassur, the CROUS home insurance expert.

All CROUS accommodation is eligible for the student APL.

The monthly rent starts at €200 for a 9 m2 room.

A rental contract lasts between 10 and 12 months (with the possibility of giving notice to leave on 30 June in a university residence).

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