Home insurance for individuals.

Etudassur, a specialist in student home insurance for over 10 years, has set up a partnership with Luko so that you can take advantage of a contract that can be tailored to your needs for your flat or room rented from a private individual.

What are the advantages of this student home insurance?

Opting for our student home insurance opens the door to a host of unique benefits, clearly setting us apart from the competition.

You’ll benefit from ultra-competitive rates, easy payment with no upfront costs, customisable cover tailored to your needs, and a customer service team entirely dedicated to students.


Student accommodation insurance provides financial protection for students renting a flat or room. It covers damage to the accommodation and the student’s personal belongings in the event of a claim (fire, water damage, theft, etc.).


As a tenant, you are responsible for any damage you may cause to the property. A home insurance policy protects your personal property and provides you with civil liability cover for damage caused to third parties. Home insurance is a legal requirement.

Standard cover includes :

  • Tenants’ liability insurance
  • Fire cover
  • Water damage cover
  • Theft and vandalism cover
  • Glass breakage cover
  • Natural disaster cover

In the event of a claim, contact your insurer immediately to report the incident. You will need to provide details of the incident and, if possible, evidence (photos, police reports). Follow your insurer’s instructions for handling your claim.


If you move house, inform your insurer as soon as possible. You can transfer your insurance to the new home or cancel your contract and take out a new one tailored to your new situation.

In just a few clicks, fill in your details online, choose your options, make your payment and receive your contract directly by e-mail.

Manage your policy directly from your online customer area and keep in touch with your insurance company to request documents and information and to manage your claims.

To adapt to your mobility as a student or young professional, cancel your contract at any time from your personal space. There’s no charge and no obligation.

Over 100,000 students and young professionals insured

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